Let It Be (2021) SOLD
Let It Be (2021) SOLD

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35 x 62.5 x 2

Mosaic created using 3,700 up-cycled computer keys from old keyboards.

Embedded throughout the artwork is a word search spelled out with the computer keys.

The Beatles
Get Back
Lady Madonna
Strawberry Fields Forever
A Day In The Life
Come Together
Here Comes The Sun
All You Need Is Love
Hard Day's Night
Eight Days A Week
The Long And Winding Road
Hey Jude
Let It Be
Two of Us
I’ve Got a Feeling
Across The Universe
  • Paul McCartney wrote this song. It was inspired by his mother, Mary, who died when he was 14. Many people thought "Mother Mary" was a biblical reference when they heard it.
  • According to McCartney, this is a very positive song, owing to its inspiration. One night when he was paranoid and anxious, he had a dream where he saw his mother, who had been dead for ten years or so - she came to him in his time of trouble, speaking words of wisdom that brought him much peace when he needed it. It was this sweet dream that got him to begin writing the song.

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  Artist Doug Powell Iconic Up-Cycled Computer Key Art 

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