Mosaic Portraits Made with Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, Computer Keys - Exhibiting Famous Iconic Portraits in Ripley's Museums
Doug Powell Mosaic Portraits Made with Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, Computer Keys
Exhibiting Famous Iconic Portraits in Ripley's Museums


Professional Mosaic Artist Doug Powell (54) has mastered an unusual art form: mosaic portraits created with cast-off computer keys, random jigsaw puzzle pieces and most recently, discarded shotgun shells. It's so unusual in fact that his work is being collected by the art worlds influential. Powell, who has been studying and perfecting his methods for many years uses the classic puzzle pieces in a nontraditional way - He doesn't interlock them; he uses puzzle pieces in the same manner as a painter would splash color on to a canvas with a brush. "The method I use allows the viewer’s brain to dynamically mix the color together, revealing the intended work of art. The same is true of my highly detailed cast-off computer keys art." Powell said.

His work is collected by Ripley's Entertainment and is on display in numerous Ripley’s Museums from Hollywood California to Times Square, New York City as well as Canada, The United Kingdom (London) and Amsterdam Holland. Ripley's and Powell have transacted many unique works of movie stars including mural like portraits of Sophia Loren based on an image from the 1964 film, "The Fall of the Roman Empire." Ingrid Bergman, Lady Gaga, Liz Taylor and Steve McCurry's National Geographic Cover photo of the Afghan Refugee Girl. Powell's work is increasingly sought after with each new work. Doug won first place awards in 2013 and 2015 at the Orlando International Airport in The National Arts Program Art Event sponsored by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and won BEST OF SHOW at the 42nd annual GREAT DAY IN THE COUNTRY ARTS AND CRAFT FESTIVAL sponsored by the GFWC OVIEDO Women's Club. 

Most recently, Doug was commissioned to create a 7’ x 14’ abstract mural out of 24,000 computer keys for the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California.

Commission work is welcome.  

Address2431 Aloma Ave #110
Crealde Business Center Gallery
Winter Park, FL 32792
United States
 Artwork By Doug Powell,  Puzzle Art Mosaics

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