Currently featured and available at the Guarisco Gallery located in Washington, DC.

PICASSO - I Do Not Seek. I Find. 
70 x 62 x 2 mosaic created using 6,500 up-cycled computer keys from old computer keyboards. 
Picasso's favorite kind of music. 
MUSIC: Tarrega: Capricho Arabe By Francisco Tarrega 
* Picasso quotes are embedded throughout the portrait spelled out with the computer keys. 
"Youth has no age" 
 "Action is the foundational key to all success" 
 "It takes a long time to become young" 
 "The chief enemy of creativity is good sense" 
 "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist" 
 "I do not seek. I find" 
 "I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them"

John Lennon Mosaic created with 6,500 up-cycled computer keys from old computer keyboards. 
Artwork created by Artist Doug Powell 

MUSIC: Mind Games by John Lennon on Power To The People Album.

 I create a word search in every portrait. Below are Lennon quotes spelled out with the computer keys. 
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the world will be as one 
 All we are saying is give peace a chance 
 I am the walrus 
 Come together, right now, over me 
 #9 Dream 
 Strawberry Fields forever 
 Across the Universe 
 Woke up, fell out of bed, Dragged a comb across my head The news people said, say, what you doing in bed? I said, we're only trying to get us some peace 
 Rocky Raccoon 
 Oh, Yoko / My love will turn you on 
 Nothing’s gonna change my world

Afghan Girl
48 x 48 on canvas.
Mosaic created with thousands of random recycled puzzle pieces.
Afghan Girl is a 1984 photographic portrait of Sharbat Gula, also known as Sharbat Bibi, taken by photojournalist Steve McCurry. It appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic magazine.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more
perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,
and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution for the
United States of America.
MUSIC: American Made by BIG SMO

Eight years in the making!

MARTIN LUTHER KING's portrait is finally a reality.
Not only do the 7,200 up-cycled computer keys create
his likeness but also serve to spell out 3 full paragraphs
from MLK’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech he gave in
1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
He was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live
out the true meaning of its creed- We hold these truths to be
self-evident: that all men are created equal."

MUSIC: Spiritual High (Part 3) by Moodswings.

Via the Park Ave Contemporary Gallery. 
Huge props to Denise Autorino and your professional 
team of curators especially Kate Wilson.

This new Gallery is a wonderful complement 
to the signature tree shaded Avenue paved 
with bricks in the heart of Downtown Winter Park, Florida. 

MUSIC: Can't You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones. 
Album: Sticky Fingers (1971) Andy Warhol designed the album cover.

Thank you Denise Autorino for the opportunity 
to share my art story at the Park Avenue Contemporary 
Gallery in the first "Artist Talk Series."

Photo credits: Dan Compton

"Wonderful Artist Talk tonight! Nice turn out 
and we learned a lot about the intricacies of 
Doug Powell’s artwork! He is so talented and 
his artwork is one of a kind!"

Mosaic of John Hancock Created with 6,500 
up-cycled computer keys from old computer keyboards. 

Thank you Patrons for appreciating my unusual art form. 
Quite an honor to celebrate our American History! 

MUSIC: The American Revolution By DUBIOUS PASTRY

Portrait of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) created 
entirely out of 6,500 recycled computer keys 
from computer keyboards. 

 "Science has provided the possibility of liberation 
for human beings from hard labor." 

 "When the ideas of humanity are war and conquest, 
those tools become as dangerous as a razor in the 
hands of a child of three."

 "We must not condemn mans inventiveness and 
patient conquest of the forces of nature because 
they are being used wrongly."

 "The fate of humanity is entirely dependent 
upon its moral development."

 MUSIC: Simon Wilkinson.

May 2021

Opening night 3rd Thursday at CityArts where 
I featured a Rubik's Cube Sculpture created with 
8,214 computer keys from old computer keyboards. 

It is scaled to the original Rubik's Cube invented 
in 1974 by Erno Rubik.

 Music: Angelica By: Lamb Album: Between Darkness and Wonder

Up-cycled  mosaic created with 4000 computer keys
from old computer keyboards.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Fanfare for the Common Man

Colorful exhibition of a peace sign commission. 
Music by DONOVAN
Hurdy Gurdy Man

Time lapse of the creation of LENNON computer key mosaic. MUSIC: Do You Feel It/Chaos Chaos


APRIL 25,2019 was the BIG UNVEIL of a commission I’ve been working on for over a year. HUBBLE 2019 is now a permanent fixture at the University of Denver.
A BIG thank you to Robert and Judy Newman and the Guarisco Gallery.


* Created using approximately 12,600 computer 
keys from up-cycled computer keyboards. 94 x 78 inches. 

* Approximately 300 hours to complete. 

* The powder coated 2” x 2” aluminum frame has been “rolled” to accommodate the concave curvature of the rotunda. 

* The vertical height of the mosaic measures 94 inches. Coincidentally Hubble's primary mirror is 94.5 inches in diameter. 

 * Some of the retired computer keys incorporated into the artwork were once used by NASA. 

 * Shuttle Discovery (STS-31) Launched and deployed Hubble Telescope on April 24, 1990.

Time lapse of the creation of LENNON computer key mosaic.

Lennon sold at Art Basel Miami 2017. 

MUSIC: Do You Feel It/Chaos Chaos

KEYED UP Solo Art Exhibit 
CityArts Factory, Downtown Orlando June 20, 2018.

"Remember kids; You can't tape digital art to the refrigerator.

 I don't want our youth to forget how to use Crayola Crayons, scissors, 
glue and construction paper. -Doug Powell

Spectrum Miami 2017 
 Interview with Artist Doug Powell 
During Art Basel Miami

American flag made from 3,286 empty 
repurposed 12 gauge shotgun shells.

Slide show video presentation of the making 
of the MONA LISA. created with 4,168 thumb 
nail images from ORLANDOSLICE Galleries. 

Official website of the Downtown Arts District Orlando. 

Concept originated from David Wheeler. 
Created and donated by Doug Powell

After 12 months of burning the midnight oil. Mission complete.
It is game on for ART BASEL MIAMI 2017.

Featured these mosaics in the 
SPECTRUM ART SHOW December 6-10, 2017.

FOX 35 NEWS ORLANDO interview with David Martin August 22, 2017.

Announcing participation in Art Basel Miami December 6-10, 2017. 
Spectrum Miami Gallery Booth S900.


Up close photo slideshow featuring 
highlights and history of my artwork from

Salvador Dali was one strange dude, which makes him 
a perfect fit for Ripley's Believe It or Not! 

In this episode, Sabrina unboxes a keyboard mosaic portrait 
of Salvador Dali by artist Doug Powell of Oviedo, Fl.

This was a portrait of Clint Eastwood "Blondie" 
from the1966 Epic Spaghetti Western Film "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"
The piece has been featured in a Ripley's "Believe It Or Not!" Museum since 2014.

 8' x 14' Mosaic made out of 24,000 computer keys.
 Permanent feature in the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California.

FOX 35 NEWS ORLANDO April 2, 2013
David Martin of FOX 35 News Orlando interviews 
Doug Powell live in Oviedo Florida on the morning show. 
The Lucille Ball Portrait is featured as well as 
several Cast-Off Computer key mosaics.

Developed four years ago as an educational program and a fundraiser for the Downtown Arts District. This high end event offers a unique experience to learn more about the guest artist’s background and how they developed their art careers. 

The event is moderated by WKMG Anchorwoman Lauren Rowe.

 Previous guest artists include: Hollywood photographer, Douglas Kirkland; renowned artist, Gilbert Young; Hollywood Actress, Morgan Fairchild and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” featured artist, Doug Powell.


Slide show presentation of the making of the MONA LISA.
 Created using 4,168 thumb nail images from ORLANDOSLICE.COM Galleries.
 Official website of the Downtown Arts District Orlando. 

Slide Show Video

Puzzle Art Mosaics
Created By Doug Powell


Tribute To George Burns
48" x 48" Puzzle Mosaic 
3,140 Random Puzzle Pieces

Hollywood, California
Ripley's "Believe It Or Not!" Museum


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