Willing Peace (2020) Limited Edition 1of 3
Willing Peace (2020) Limited Edition 1of 3



 Limited Edition of only 3 aluminum reproductions 48 x 48. 
The Peace Sign has a word search that is 
spelled out with the computer keys and include 
40 bands or musicians you might have seen at 
Woodstock or heard on the radio in 1969-1970. 

 PRINTED ON ALUMINUM Sublimation onto aluminum 
(also know as metal print) is a process of infusing 
dyes into a sheet of pretreated aluminum via heat 
transfer. Sublimation is the process of going from a 
solid to a gas, back to a solid skipping the liquid state. 
Once the dyes submerge underneath the surface, 
the process is complete and permanent.

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  Artist Doug Powell Iconic Up-Cycled Computer Key Art 

 Doug Powell • Oviedo, FL4073258866
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