My Best Friend. LOVE (2024)
My Best Friend. LOVE (2024)


52 x 52 x 2

Mosaic created with 4,600 recycled computer keys from old keyboards. 
Currently featured and available at Helmuth Stone Gallery located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. 
A word search is spelled out with the key hidden throughout the artwork.

Oh, you're the best friend 
 That I ever had 
 I've been with you such a long time 
 You're my sunshine 
 And I want you to know 
 That my feelings are true 
 I really love you 
 Oh, you're my best friend - Queen 

 When I'm tired and thinking cold 
 I hide in my music, forget the day 
 And dream of a girl I used to know 
 I closed my eyes and she slipped away 
 She slipped away - Boston 

 Love Light Laughter 

 Love Conquers All    

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  Artist Doug Powell Iconic Up-Cycled Computer Key Art 

 Doug Powell • Oviedo, FL4073258866
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