Mona Lisa Photo Mosaic (2012) SOLD
Mona Lisa Photo Mosaic (2012) SOLD

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The MONA LISA PHOTO MOSAIC was an idea that David Wheeler, Vice-chair of CityArts Factory in Downtown Orlando, Florida came up with the idea and approached me during the summer of 2011. The idea was to create a photo mosaic of City Arts Factory Logo, the Mona Lisa, originally created by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503.

I decided bigger is better since the orlandoslice website at the time had over 9000 images uploaded by Slice members. The task involved uploading 350 pages out of the gallery, cropping and cutting 7000 images with a paper cutter and scissors which took over 30 hours. One of the first challenges encountered was the fact that not all the thumb nails were the same size and cutting them all to a uniform size would mean loosing up to 30% off some of the images.

I decided to separate them into 3 different sizes, 1”, ¾” and 11/16” and then subdivide them to warm and cool shades. Before I could cut the large sheets of 100 pound card stock down to postage stamp sized pieces, I printed tiny arrows across the backs of every page. It was a simple matter of keeping the arrows up throughout the entire project. I used 4,168 pieces out of the “pool” of 7000 photos. I made every attempt to maintain the original color and not alter any images.

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