Star of Texas Edition 2 (2021)
Star of Texas Edition 2 (2021)


52 x 52 x 2

Created with 4,000 recycled computer keys from old computer keyboards.
Embedded in the art work spelled out with the computer keys.
Gold Vein powder coated aluminum frame

Honor the Texas flag

I pledge allegiance to thee Texas,

one state under God,

one and indivisible.
“STARS of TEXAS” (52 x 52 x 2) are on their way to Round Top Texas Antiques Show. They will be featured during Round Top Antique and Design Week at Marburger Farm October 26-30, 2021. The Round Top Show is one of the largest venues of it’s kind in the Nation.

ONE OF A KIND – UNIQUE DESIGN will be showcasing these “Stars of Texas” and will be curated by the one and only Don Agnello, a fellow artist from Orlando, Florida.
Don has quite an eye for photography specifically Architecture, tall buildings, street photography and countless up-close studies of abandoned buildings and random destinations throughout the countryside. Visit

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  Artist Doug Powell Iconic Up-Cycled Computer Key Art 

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